Making a Wordfind Puzzle Using the Computer

  1. Choose a topic for your puzzle. All of the words in your puzzle will relate to this topic. For this exercise, choose a healthcare topic. Here are some ideas: a visit to the doctor, going to the pharmacy, parts of the body, illnesses, the hospital, staying healthy, or anything related to health.
  2. Brainstorm on possible words for your puzzle. Type these words into the computer, then use the spell checker to check your spelling. You will not use all of the words, so start with at least 15.
  3. On the computer, make a grid for your puzzle. The puzzle should be square: at least 8 blocks wide but no more than 12 blocks wide. Use your word processor to make a table. The method for doing this will depend on what word processor you are using. Make sure you make the borders so that you can see them. Adjust the height and width of each block so that they are square. Print your table.
  4. Fill in the grid with your words. Start with the longest words and then try to make as many words as possible fit into your puzzle. Use a pencil, so that you can make corrections. When you are done, fill in the puzzle on the computer. At the bottom of the puzzle, type in the list of words you used.
  5. Print your finished puzzle and give it to a classmate to do. Did your classmate find all the words? This is a good way of checking your puzzle.
  6. Send in your finished puzzle and see it on the web! Send as a file to Within a week, you can look for your puzzle on this website!