Making a Local Medical Resource Guide

Make a medical resource guide with your ESL class for your local area. We will publish your guide on our site. Second-language speakers in your area can take advantage of the information in the guide.

* Making a resource guide as a class project can be a great way for students to practice information gathering, phone skills, and word-processing skills.

* Students discuss as a class what information would be useful to know when selecting a doctor or clinic in their area. Teacher makes of list of these topics (address, bus access, hours open, method of payment, web site, etc.)

* Students write questions to obtain the above information. Teacher (or class) corrects grammar.

* Students practice asking questions with their classmates.

* Using their own experience, the yellow pages, and asking friends and families, students make a list of medical resources (clinics, hospitals, dentists, doctors, herbalists, etc.) to include in the guide.

* Working in groups, students gather and compile information on several resources.

* Students learn how to make word-processing tables, and practice filling in the tables with the information which they've gathered.

* Using the html file for the "Seattle Resource guide" as a template, the teacher can construct an html file with the class information. Send this html file to Aviva Furman and see it published on this web site.