Tips for Teachers - Practice Dialogues
Some suggestions for teachers on how to use the practice dialogues.

* Students read dialogue on the screen individually. Students can click on the '?' box to get an explanation of the adjacent phrase or sentence. Students note any parts of the dialogue which they did not understand or which surprised them.

* Discuss the dialogue as a whole class. Starter questions: Did you find any part of the dialogue surprising? Have you ever had a similar conversation with a healthcare professional? Were there any difficulties for you? Would a similar conversation take place in your own country? What would be different?

* Learn pronunciation: read the dialogue aloud, students listen. Students repeat as a group and then practice in pairs. Check pronunciation.

* Record a conversation with a doctor or medical receptionist. Students listen to this conversation for comprehension.

* In groups, students pick a medical topic and then write a short skit about the topic. Students do the skit for their classmates.