When You Have a Sore Throat

Click on the correct answer

1 If you have a high fever with a sore throat, you should see your doctor
within a few days.
only if you have trouble swallowing.
after you are feeling better.

2 Strep throat
is a bacterial infection.
is a virus infection.
always comes with a cough and cold.
is rarely treated with antibiotics.

3 Which is NOT a common side effect of taking antibiotics?
upset stomach
allergic reaction

4 Which does this article NOT recommend to make a sore throat feel better?
Cough drops
Drinking plenty of water
Drinking coffee and tea
Gargling with salt water

5 Antibiotics will help
sore throats caused by viruses.
sore throats caused by bacteria.
sore throats caused by allergies.
all sore throats.

6 The most serious problem with using antibiotics all the time is
bacteria will become resistant and then the antibiotics won't work anymore.
some people are allergic and will get bad reactions.
people get upset stomachs and feel worse.
they are expensive.

7 Which of the following is not an "over-the-counter" medicine?
Cough drops

8 When a bacteria becomes "resistant" to an antibiotic,
the infection goes away quickly.
the infection will not happen again.
the bacteria are killed right away.
the antibiotic no longer works to cure the infection.

9 If you have seen your doctor once for your symptoms, you should see him or her again if
you have throat pain that gets so bad you can't swallow.
you have a fainting feeling when you stand up.
you have a fever that does not go away in five days.
any of the above symptoms.

10 Which of the following statements is TRUE according to this article?
Antibiotics will cure any sore throat.
The common cold is caused by a bacteria.
You should see your doctor at the first sign of a sore throat.
Taking antibiotics too much can be a bad idea.