Getting Advice on the Phone
Clinic: Hello, Children's Clinic.
Mother: Hello. Could I speak to a consulting nurse please?
Clinic: Yes, Hold one moment please.
Mother: OK.
Nurse: Hello, how can I help you?
Mother: My son isn't feeling well and I'd like to get some advice.
Nurse: What seems to be the problem?
Mother: Well, he has been coughing for several days now. I'm wondering if he should come in and see the doctor.
Nurse: How old is he?
Mother: He is 3 years old.
Nurse: Does he have any other symptoms like fever, runny nose, or loss of appetite?
Mother: No, actually other than the cough, he seems healthy. I am concerned though, because some of his sister's friends have whooping cough and I know that it can be very contagious. Isn't that a pretty serious illness?
Nurse: It can be serious with babies. Has your son been immunized against whooping cough?
Mother: I'm not sure. He did get all of the suggested vaccinations. I will look it up in our records.
Nurse: If he has been immunized recently, it is very unlikely that he would catch whooping cough, even if he has been exposed.
Mother: Sounds like I don't have to worry about that, but what shall I do about his cough?
Nurse: The cough is probably a viral infection. It will help if you give him lots of fluids and a hot bath before bedtime. A humidifier is also helpful. Keep an eye on the cough to watch to see if it gets worse. Call us again if he has a fever or if you are still concerned.
Mother: Thanks for your advice.
Nurse: You are welcome. Good-bye.
Mother: Bye-bye.