Articles on Healthcare
Read an article and learn new and interesting facts about your health. Take a quiz to check your reading comprehension.

* Getting a Good Night's Rest [ADVANCED]
Get some tips on how to get a good night's rest. Excerpted from HealthBeat, University of Washington

* When You Have a Sore Throat [INTERMEDIATE]
Read about some of the causes of sore throats and what to do when you have a sore throat. From the American Academy of Family Physicians.

* Why Pregnancy and Alcohol Don't Mix [INTERMEDIATE]
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a leading cause of mental retardation in the United States. Read about what pregnant mothers can do to prevent this disease. From the American Academy of Family Physicians.

* Is it Difficult to Catch HIV/AIDS? [INTERMEDIATE]
This is a very informative reading and quiz from The Internet TESL Journal's Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students Learn the facts about HIV and AIDs.