Use Your Grammar Skills and Write a Poem

Writing a poem can be fun! Follow these simple instructions from Andreas Lund's Grammar and Poetry site and see what you can come up with. Send in your poem about a healthcare topic and see it published on this webpage.

  1. On the first line write a noun of your choice. The noun should relate to healthcare - see below for some ideas.
  2. On the second line write two adjectives joined by and to describe this noun.
  3. On the third line write a verb and an adverb to describe this noun in action.
  4. Start the fourth line with like or as followed by a comparison.
  5. Start the final line with if only followed by a wish

Here is an example of a poem:

the hospital nurse
perky and efficient
rushing briskly from room to room
like the commuter train on a tight schedule
if only she'd slow down for a smile

Here are some ideas for healthcare related topics:

hospitals - nurses - doctors - colds - the flu - my broken leg - this hospital room - eyes - anesthesia - aspirin - headache - cancer - vitamins

You can write your poem in the white box below. You may want to use Roget's Thesaurus on the web (also in many word-processors) to come up with new synonyms for the words you choose. When you are done, press the button marked "Submit Your Poem!".



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