Include regular vision, speech, hearing, and dental screenings. A full-time RN, on-staff, monitors children's health and provides emergency care as well as training and referrals to parents. Collaboration is ongoing for expanded care with: Children's Hospital Oakland; West, East and North Oakland Health Centers; Child Health & Disability Program; Clinica de la Raza; Asian Health Services; Berkeley Center for Child Study; UCSF Dental School and Highland Hospital.

Nutrition Program:
Children receive meals at breakfast, lunch and mid afternoon. These three meals provide the complete daily nutrition requirements for young children. This service is especially important for children who leave their homes in early morning and may return shortly before a child's bedtime.

Social Service Referrals:
Families experiencing trouble or a crisis situation initially consult with our staff and are then referred to appropriate support services in the community such as DSS, physical and mental health professionals, homeless shelters, or crisis centers. Our professional staff provides follow up, translation services and other assistance to ensure comprehensive cooperation and collaboration.