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California Literacy Resources is a statewide literacy information network administered by the California State Collaborative Literacy Council. The Western/Pacific Literacy Network hosts this site with support from the California State Library and the California State Library Foundation. For information, additions, or corrections, Please contact:
Paul Heavenridge, Director
Western/Pacific Literacy Network
Phone: (510) 658-4630

CA Literacy Programs

Local Provider Database Search (contains graphics)

California Library Directory, 1999 (contains graphics)

California's State Collaborative Literacy Council

Designated by Governor Pete Wilson in California's application for State Literacy Resource Center (SLRC) funds available under the National Literacy Act of 1991, the State Collaborative Literacy Council (SCLC) is a multi-agency collaboration which is responsible for planning and implementing the state literacy resource program in California. The SCLC develops plans for the State Literacy Resource Center of California, directs the preparation and submittal of applications, plans and reports as required, and coordinates and collaborates with other public and private non-profit literacy service providers throughout the State.

The SCLC consists of representatives of the following state agencies:

In addition to the seven SCLC memebers, one ex officio member represents community-based oganizations in the state.

California Literacy Campaign (CLC) (contains graphics)

CLC Programs by County (contains graphics)

California Regional Resource Centers (contains graphics)

California State Library (contains graphics)

Peninsula Library System (PLS) (contains graphics)

California Reads (contains graphics)


This section showcases the best in California literacy resources. Click below to visit these sites. (Note: these sites contain graphics)

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Read California
This site is a wonderful resource, including profiles, drawings, and book reviews from the California Page Flippers, a group of 4th-, 5th, and 6th-graders who are actively involved in encouraging children to read. The site also has a lengthy list of recommended books for different age groups, as well as resources for parents and Spanish-speakers. (contains graphics)


California Adult Education Events (contains graphics)

National Institute for Literacy Calendar (contains graphics)

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About Literacy

Facts & Statistics

California Adult Literacy Statistics (contains graphics)

National Institute for Literacy Facts and Statistics (contains graphics)

ESL statistics (Western/Pacific Literacy Network -- contains graphics)

Policy & Legislation

The Internet Guide to California's Legislature (contains graphics)

Official California Legislative Information (contains graphics)

CA Adult Education Legislative Updates (contains graphics)

NIFL Policy & Legislation (contains graphics)

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For information, contact: Carole Talan, Ed.D., Executive Director
State Literacy Resource Center of California
CA State Library
P.O. Box 942837
Sacramento, CA 94237-0001
Phone: (916) 653-8032
Fax: (916) 653-8443

This site is maintained by the Western/Pacific Literacy Network,
part of the National LINCS Program. For information or corrections, contact:
Paul Heavenridge, Director
Phone: (510) 658-4630