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Museums and Collections

There are many museums, exhibits, and collections on the web. These are resources for inquiry-based explorations. Many contain teachers’ guides, images, maps, and audio features.

National Geographic Xpeditions
This collection features ideas, tools, and interactive adventures that bring to life the U.S. National Geography Standards.

NOVA Teachers
This award-winning program has many related materials, such as teachers’ guides, “Hot Science” activities, and other resources. Though the topics are related to the NOVA television program, the websites are stand-alone resources.

Screen shot from siteThe Ocean Planet, a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition
This exhibition draws attention to the world’s ocean systems, representing “…over 99 percent of living space on Earth…all habitable by plants and animals.” Be sure to try “There Are Algae in Your House!” in the Ocean Market lesson.

PBS Science
Find out about featured websites and ongoing programs. A search feature allows you to investigate this collection of science programming on the Public Broadcasting System.

PBS TeacherSource--Math
View lesson plans and activities when you search by grade level and topic.

PBS TeacherSource--Science
View lesson plans and activities when you search by grade level and topic.

Screen shot from siteScience Learning Network
National and international science museums make up the Science Learning Network, exploring the use of Internet technology in support of inquiry-based science education.

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