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Geometry: Spatial Sense and Measurement


PrNMeasurement, a foundation skill for geometry, is an essential life skill. It is not an end in itself, but a tool used in many contexts: home, work, and community. Awareness of acceptable tolerances, margins and upper and lower limits, is critical to measurement competence. Today, much is computerized, but the results are only as good as the information inputted. Visualization and concrete models help reasoning in this area.

Be sure to look at the different set of resources listed at the Student/Learner webpage for this topic:

Screen shot from siteBricks Activity
Learners are asked to build a brick wall without fault lines. This Math Forum site has a teacher page of instructions for using this activity with manipulatives. There is a student page, as well.

Screen shot from siteDesign a Track
This lesson asks students to determine a general rule for marking the starting points for the 220 and 440 races, then compare the general rule to actual dimensions, and finally construct a scale model. This lesson was developed by Susan Boone through GirlTech. Check out her other lessons!

Screen shot from siteGeometry Online
This website contains activities designed for middle school/high school topics and skill levels in geometry. These are developed by Cynthia Lanius, the creative curriculum developer who is co-director of GirlTech at Rice University. Lanius creates one new activity each month, so visit this site often!

Screen shot from siteMathematics of Cartography
These are the teacher notes for a lesson that places mathematics in the real-world context of cartography. It is designed to be used independently by learners, but we put this on the teacher page so you’ll be sure to see it! Learners are given real-world problems in distance, scale, coordinates, and projections. They use online resources to complete the activities. This also allows for cross-curricular activities in geography, writing, history, career exploration, and, of course, math!

Screen shot from siteProject Interactivate
Interactive JAVA-based lessons, discussion, and activities enable the teacher to extend hands-on activities in the classroom and provide new content and practice in four areas; Number and Operation Concepts, Geometry and Measurement Concepts, Function and Algebra Concepts, and Probability and Data Analysis Concepts. Each activity comes with supplementary pages that can be accessed from the activity page. "What" gives background, "How" gives instructions, and "Why" gives curriculum context. Geometry and Measurement Concepts includes basic notions of lines, rays, and planes, and working with tessellations and fractals. Lessons for the teacher are also available.

Screen shot from siteA Tour of Measurement
This site includes lessons on measurement collected through Swarthmore’s Math Forum site. Activities are categorized by grade level (elementary, middle, and high school), for both teachers and students.

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