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Hotlists are lists of science/math websites which have been recommended by experts at science museums and other science/math organizations. Rely on these lists of annotated links, rather than searching the entire Internet.

Screen shot from siteBlue Web'n Learning Applications is a library of websites devoted to teaching and learning. This site really stands alone in its excellence. One can browse a content table (this site is not limited to topics in science and technology) or by subject area classified by the Dewey system. Recommended websites are also described by their type or function. A definition of the Bluewebn types also is supplied. This site has a good search feature, as well.

The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education (ENC), located at The Ohio State University, features the "Digital Dozen," an annotated list of thirteen interesting math and science websites, updated monthly. There is an archive of past recommendations, dating back to August 1995. The site also allows a search by topic or subject. The website selection criteria are listed as well.

Screen shot from siteExploratorium’s Ten Cool Sites: Each month, the Exploratorium presents ten science, art, and education sites. There is an archive of 23 categories with over 350 reviewed sites. The Exploratorium is a science museum that is part of the Science Learning Network.

Franklin Institute’s Educational Hotlists: A noted science museum lists its idea of the best of the web.

McRel’s Connections and Connections +: Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning maintains a library of selected lesson plans and links to other resources helpful for teaching and learning.  Within each subject area the links are organized by topic.

National Geographic’s Blue-Ribbon Links: These websites represent the “best destinations online for teaching and learning geography”.  The list is updated twice a year.

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) lists

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