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These websites offer assistance to instructors and learners. For expert math help, see Ask Dr. Math and the related website, Teacher2Teacher. Math help is also included in the two "science" websites listed below.

If you wish to integrate science with writing, consider Science -- Ask the Experts and Pitsco’s Ask an Expert. Learners can easily communicate with experts in many fields. This is a good e-mail writing project.

Ask Dr. Math: The Math Forum at Drexel University provides this service. One can ask a question or search the archives. The archives can be broken down into categories of elementary, middle school, high school, and college math skill levels. The most interesting section is the Dr. Math FAQ, which contains answers to frequently asked questions and classic problems.

Teacher2Teacher (T2T)
If you have a question about how to teach math, this is a place to go. The Math Forum at Drexel University provides this service. It is possible to browse through the archives of teacher discussions, or to search for a particular instructional topic.

Screen shot from siteScience-Ask the Experts!
This annotated list of websites is maintained by the Regional Alliance for Mathematics and Science Education. It is an excellent selection of topics in health, physical science, engineering, medicine, mathematics, earth and space science, and science humor. Websites offer archives of questions (and answers) asked in the past, as well as ways to send additional queries.

Screen shot from sitePitsco’s Ask an Expert-Science/Technology
This is a longer list of links to websites and e-mail addresses. This site suggests that you visit the expert’s website (if there is one) to see if you can find your answer before you e-mail your question. In some cases, you are given an e-mail form with which to write and send your question. You can browse for an expert by category or keyword search.

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