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Join researchers as they take part in expeditions to many different places on Earth and in our solar system. Here are just a few places you can go via the Internet: rainforests, volcanoes, Antarctica, the Congo, Mars, and the seafloor of the ocean.

When an expedition is current, there are ways to “travel along” while sitting at your computer:

  • Send an email message to a researcher
  • Watch a Webcast—a video provided over the Internet
  • Participate in a discussion forum with experts

When an expedition is completed, the information is still available on the Internet. Here are descriptions of current and previous expeditions.

Current Expeditions:

Plankton Layers—salad bars in the upper ocean.
August 17-September 10, 2005
Join oceanographers as they travel by ship to Monterey Bay, California to conduct scientific research. Also joining the ship is an adult basic education instructor from Rogue Community College, Oregon. She provides daily online journals with math and science questions.

Is it Hot or Cold in the NE Pacific? Ask a Plant!
August 30-September 8, 2005
Join oceanogoraphers as they travel by ship to the NE Pacific Ocean to conduct scientific research. Also joining the ship is an adult basic education instructor from Wolf Creek Job Corps, Umpqua Community College, Oregon. She provides photos and online journals about the daily activities on this research cruise.

Is it Hot or Cold in the Sea of Cortez--Ask a Plant.
Part 2, July 23, 2005-August 13, 2005.
Ocean Science Station: Join oceanographers from the United States, Mexico, Italy, and Canada as they travel by ship to the Sea of Cortez to do scientific research. Also joining the team is an instructor in adult basic education from Clatsop Community College, Astoria, Oregon. She will be sending daily online journal articles. Follow the ship's cruise track, read the journals, and send an email asking questions of the scientists and crew members. (In English or Spanish)

The ARMADA Project--Research and Mentoring Experiences for Teachers
The ARMADA Project provides K-12 teachers an opportunity to actively participate in ocean, polar, and environmental science research and peer mentoring. ARMADA Master Teachers are paired with leading ocean, polar, and environmental scientists and participate in shipboard, field, or lab research. The ARMADA teachers maintain an online journal during their summer research experience.

Screen shot from siteDive and Discover—Expeditions to the Seafloor
Join scientists as they use deep submersible vehicles to dive thousands of meters to a mid-ocean ridge. Watch videos showing underwater volcanoes and amazing animals living near the seafloor. Read “Infomods” about ice ages, the Earth’s core, and the history of oceanography.

Live to Mars with Mer
Follow the “M-Team” of six young scientists and engineers working on NASA’s Mer Mission. This is a series of on-going expeditions to Mars by a rover mission. Humans stay on Earth while vehicles rove the surface of Mars.

Ocean Explorer/Explorations
This website is for everyone who wishes to learn about the ocean and explore it with teams of scientists. Explorations follow a series of ocean expeditions with researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Projects provide more information about technology, history, and cultural issues related to NOAA projects. In Education, find over 165 lesson plans and activities related to these expeditions.

Ocean Science Station
Join adult education instructors as they go to sea with oceanographers from Oregon State University. In addition to dispatches from the team, you'll find a glossary of related terms and a description of the research techniques the scientists plan to use. The online journals have many interesting math problems related to life at sea, scientific research, and the jobs aboard ship.

RIDGE 2000: Expeditions
This group of scientists studies the spreading ridges on the Earth’s ocean floor. Follow research expeditions as they happen. Learn about ridge science through lessons and activities.

Virtual Skies
Explore the world of air traffic management. Learn about NASA research in aviation. This website was developed by NASA Ames Education Division.

Previous Expeditions:

Arctic Journeys to Alaska’s Bering Land Bridge
Examine ancient artifacts, consider natural wonders and explore the culture of native Alaskans.

Screen shot from siteCongo Trek--A Journey Through the Heart of Central Africa
Follow a researcher’s 2,000 mile walk through Central Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. Watch videos, read journals, follow a map, and listen to the sounds of the wildlife in the Congo River Basin.

Fallout: Eye on the Volcano (Montserrat)
Find out what happens when hot clouds of ash, rivers of mud, and showers of rock come out of a volcano and down onto people and towns on the island of Montserrat.

Journey into Amazonia
Amazonia is disappearing every year. Follow Amazon explorers and find out why.

Live from Antarctica 2
This expedition provides “timeless insights into life under, on, and high above the Southern Ocean.”

Live from the Rainforest
Find out about a journey to one of Earth’s largest rainforests.

Passport to Antarctica
Discover interesting things about places, animals, and research in Antarctica.

Find out what happened to researchers who spent 44 days at sea on some of the roughest ocean waters on Earth.

Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic
Read the journals of teachers who have gone to the Arctic or to Antarctica with teams of scientists from around the world.

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