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This is an index of the sites that are featured in the Science and Numeracy Special Collection. Each link here takes you to the page on Science and Numeracy where the site is described. You can then jump from there to the specific site.

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ABCNews Science

ABE/GED Hands on Math Activities

Acid Rain Lesson Plans

Adult Numeracy Network

Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology, and Research

Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology, and Research (ALLSTAR)

Air Travelers

Algebra Patterns and Functions; Learner Resources

Algebra Patterns and Functions; Teacher Resources

All About Ratios

Amazon Interactive

Arctic Exploration Online

Ask Dr. Math

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Athena–Earth and Space Science for K-12 Oceans, Earth, Weather, Space, and More

Auroras -- Paintings in the Sky

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BasketMath Interactive

Beginner’s Guide to Model Rockets

Big Trouble in Earthquake Country

Bird of the Week

Bird Song of the Week


Birthday Problem–A Short Lesson in Probability

Blue Web'n Learning Applications

Brain Eater

Brain Geography

Brain Teasers

Bricks Activity

Bricks Activity

Bridge–Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center

Build a Prairie

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Calendars from the Sky

Cartesian Coordinate System


Chameleon Graphing–An Introduction to the Coordinate Plane

Change Maker

CIA World Factbook

CIECE Collaborative Projects

CIECE Online Classroom Data Projects

Conflict–Yellowstone Wolves

Congo Trek–A Journey through the Heart of Central Africa



Contemporary Issues in Science–Do Your Genes Drive You to Drink?

Cynthia Lanius’ Index of Math Problems

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Data Analysis, Probability, Statistics, and Graphing; Learner Resources

Data Analysis, Probability, Statistics, and Graphing; Teacher Resources

Daylight Savings Time

Definitions of Rise, Set, and Twilight

Design a Track

Dive and Discovery–Expeditions to the Seafloor

Domino Problem

Dying to be Thin–Body Image

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Earth and Moon Viewer

Earth and Space Science; Learner Resources

Earth and Space Science; Teacher Resources

Earth Day 2001

Earth from Space An Astronaut’s Views of the Home Planet

Earth Observatory

Earth on the Sky, Feet on the Ground

Earth Science Week

Earthquake Hazards Program

EduWeb–Educational Web Adventures

Einstein Revealed

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science Education

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education Hotlist

El Niño -- Making Sense of the Weather

El Niño Rules!

El Niño Theme Page

El Niño–He’s Back and He’s Bad!

El Niño–Hot Air over Hot Water


Energy in the Air–the Sounds of the Orchestra

Energy Story from the California Energy Commission

Environment–A Global Challenge

EPA Environmental Education Center

Eratosthenes Experiment A Worldwide Science and Math Experiment

Estimation: how many pearls??

EWE 2–A Case Study

Excellent Adventure

Exploratorium’s Ten Cool Sites

Explore Science–Physics multimedia activities

Exploring Data

Exploring Leonardo

Exploring Standard Deviation

Exploring the Environment

Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground

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Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics

Figure This: Take a Challenge!

Find that Planet

Finding the Value of Pi

Flashcards for Kids

Flights of Inspiration


Fraction Four

Frank Potter’s Science Gems

Franklin Institute’s Educational Hotlists

Franklin’s Forecast

Fun and Sun Rent-A-Car


Fun with Calendars

Functional Housing Market

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General Coordinates Game

Geography from Space

Geology Labs Online

Geometry Online

Geometry Spatial Sense and Measurement; Learner Resources

Geometry Spatial Sense and Measurement; Teacher Resources



Global Grocery List

Global Warming

Global Warming Resources from the EPA


Graph Sketcher

Graphing and the Coordinate Plane

Graphing and the Coordinate Plane


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Hand Squeeze

Hello Dolly–A Webquest

Hidden Killers-Deadly Viruses

History and Nature of Science; Learner Resources

History and Nature of Science; Teacher Resources

Hot Tub

How Far Is It? Calculate distance given two coordinates

How Things Fly: Activities for Teaching Flight

Human Genetics–A Worldwide Search for the Dominant Trait

Hurricanes–a fierce force of nature

Hydrologic(water) Cycle

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Ice on Venus

Indy 500

Inside the Jet Stream

Interactive Weather Information Network- National Weather Service

International Date Line

International Public Science Day

International Technology Education Association

International Year of the Ocean, 1998

Internet Projects for Elementary Statistics

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Japan’s Secret Garden

Journey North–A Global Study of Wildlife Migration

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Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley

Learning Resources

Let’s Graph!

Life Science; Learner Resources

Life Science; Teacher Resources

Linear Functions

Live from Antarctica2

Live from Mars

Live from the Rainforest

Live from the Sun

Living Things

Locker Problem

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Map of the Human Heart

Mapamatic Desert Challenge

Maps from the CIA World Fact Book

Math Baseball

Math Files Game Show

Math Forum’s Magic Squares

Math Forum’s Tour of Fractions

Math Problems from SEED

Mathematics of Cartography

Mathematics Developmental/ Related


Maths File Game Show

MathWebquests–Real Data

Mayo Clinic

McRel’s Connections and Connections +

Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory

Millennium Project–the Evolving Role of Technology in Learning (Academy for Educational Development)

Million Man March


Miracle of Rice

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NASA Classroom of the Future-Exploring the Environment

NASA Cool Sites

NASA Human Spaceflight

NASA K-12 Internet Initiative (Quest)

NASA Learning Technologies Project (LTP)

NASA Observatorium

NASA Solutions Online-the Technology Transfer Office

NASA Spacelink-An Electronic Library of Educational Resources

NASA Technology Twice Used

NASA/JPL Radar Imaging Home Page

NASA’s Classroom of the Future–Exploring the Environment

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Education Programs

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

National Chemistry Week

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

National Engineers Week

National Geographic Map Machine

National Geographic Society

National Geographic Society–Expedition Hall

National Geographic’s Hotlists of Resources and Links

National Geography Awareness Week

National Health Observances

National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Data Center–Tropical Prediction Center

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics

National Math Trail

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Science Education Standards

National Science Foundation

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) lists

National Science Teachers Association

National Weather Service

National Weather Service-Interactive Weather Information Network

NERDS--Nebraska Educators Really Doing Science

Newton’s Apple Science Try Its

Nine Planets-A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

Nine Planets–simplified

No Matter What Shape Your Fractions are In

NOAA La Niña Page

Noon Day Project

Nova Online

NOVA Online

NSF Nifty Fifty

Number and Number Sense; Learner Resources

Number and Number Sense; Teacher Resources

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Ocean Planet Interdisciplinary Marine Science Activities

Oceans Alive!

Open-ended Math Problems

Ozone Physics 2000

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Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Pattern Blocks Program

PBS Science

PBS Scienceline

PBS Teacher Connex Online Teacher's Guides for PBS Science/Math Programs

PBS Technology

pH Factor

Phases of the Moon

Physical Science; Learner Resources

Physical Science; Teacher Resources

Pi Day

Pitsco’s Ask an Expert–Science/Technology

Plane Math Activities

Planet Earth Inquiry activities on the issue of ecology

Plate Tectonics

Pop Clock

Population Growth and Balance

Prime Numbers

Problem Solving, Reasoning, and Decision-making; Learner Resources

Problem Solving, Reasoning, and Decision-making; Teacher Resources

Project 2061–Science Literacy for a Changing Future

Project Interactivate--Algebra

Project Interactivate–Data

Project Interactivate--Geometry

Project Interactivate–Number Sense

Public Broadcasting Service

Pythagorean Puzzle

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Question of Scale

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Race for the Superbomb

Ratios and Proportions

Regional Technology in Education Consortia (R*TEC)

Rice Web

Right-Handed or Left-handed

Rocketry Activities

Rocketry Activities

Rotten Truth About Garbage

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S’COOL (Students’ Cloud Observations Online)

Satellite Site

Scanning Electron Microscope

Schlumberger SEED

Science and Math Initiatives from the Los Alamos National Laboratory

Science and Technology; Learner Resources

Science and Technology; Teacher Resources

Science as Inquiry; Learner Resources

Science as Inquiry; Teacher Resources

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives; Learner Resources

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives; Teacher Resources

Science Inquiry Hotlists from the Miami Museum of Science

Science Learning Network’s inquiry resources

Science News

Science of Baseball

Science of Hockey

Science–Ask the Experts

Score Mathematics Coordinate Graphing

Score Mathematics Coordinate Graphing

Search for Snow and Ice


Shackleton’s Antarctic Odyssey

Shape Explorer

Shark Attack

Six Billion and Beyond

Skateboard Science

Slinky Scientific Shindig

Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution museums and organizations

Smithsonian Science lesson plans

Soccer Shootout

Space Team Online

Statistics Polls–What do the numbers tell us?

Stressed Out

Structures around the World

Sultan’s Lost Treasure--Who, What, Where?

Surviving AIDS

Sustainable Seas Expeditions

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Teacher2Teacher (T2T)

Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic

TEA–Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic


The Exploratorium Science Snacks

The Ocean Planet, a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition

ThinkQuest Library

Tiger Gazetteer from US Census

Time Exhibits

Time Flies

Today at NASA

Today in Science

Tour of Measurement

Tower Problem

Traffic Jam problem

Tsunami–the big wave

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U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications

U.S. Naval Observatory World Time Zone Map

U.S. Naval Observatory, Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day


Unifying Concepts and Processes; Learner Resources

Unifying Concepts and Processes; Teacher Resources

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V/F Visual Fractions

Virtual Biomes

Virtual Field Trips Site

Volcano World

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Water in the City

Water Science for Schools

Watershed Game


What is La Niña?

What Time Is It?

Whelmers--Science activities that will catch the eye and mind of even the most indifferent student

Why Files- Science Behind the News

Wind Chill

World Cities on the Earth and Moon Viewer

World Clock–Time Zones

World Map of Live Web Cams

World’s Largest Math Event (WLME) 7

Wright Flyer Online

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Xerox PARC Map Viewer