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Electronic Discussion and Distribution Lists: For definitions of these forms of electronic communication, see the explanation in "Teaching and Learning with Internet-based Resources" -

Discussion Lists:

The Adult Numeracy Network (formerly the Adult Numeracy Practitioners Network) is an international organization of people dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level. Its electronic discussion list features an active discussion of issues, methods, and materials related to math instruction in adult literacy programs. For information about archives of past discussions and for instructions on subscribing to the list, check

The National Institute for Literacy Technology Forum is one of the discussion lists administered by the National Institute for Literacy. Its focus is on instructional technology. The list is for instructors, literacy providers, technology coordinators, researchers, and policy developers. For subscription information and access to an archive of past topics, go to

NASA's Quest Project-The Internet in the Classroom. This agency hosts a variety of electronic field trips and other on-line projects. (General program information can be found at the NASA Quest homepage: This discussion list provides a forum for teachers to discuss a wide variety of issues, concerns, teaching strategies, useful resources, project collaboration opportunities, and suggestions about the Learning Technologies Channel and other projects hosted by NASA. To subscribe to this discussion list, see

Distribution Lists:

Blue Web'n Learning Applications is a library of websites devoted to teaching and learning. A subscription to this mailing list will give you weekly reviews of good educational web sites. The website explains its rating system and the definitions of its educational applications. The list of reviewed websites features a variety of topics. Many are related to science and technology.

The Math Forum Internet News provides a weekly newsletter sent out by the great math folks at The Math Forum, Swarthmore College. Each newsletter describes useful math-related Internet sites. You can also review back issues of the newsletter here. For subscription information, contact

NASA's Quest Project-The Internet in the Classroom. This agency hosts a variety of electronic field trips and other on-line projects. It is helpful to subscribe to the project updates distribution list, so that users are notified of upcoming events, videoconferences, changes in broadcast dates, and other important information.
NASA Learning Technologies Channel
Also investigate Sharing NASA

NASA Earth Observatory: - The purpose of NASA's Earth Observatory website is to provide access to new satellite imagery and scientific information about our home planet: "here you can monitor regional and global changes on our planet almost as they happen."
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