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This section provides adult learners with good resources for learning mathematics. The websites show the ways in which math skills are used in the real world. The websites are arranged by the topics suggested in "A Framework for Adult Numeracy Standards," from a study by the Adult Numeracy Network (ANN).

Screen shot from siteNumber and Number Sense
With number sense, we understand numbers and how they relate to each other. This includes using whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, ratio, and proportion. Estimation, mental math, computation, and calculators all are tools that develop number sense. We learn to answer the question, "Does this answer make sense?" Use these websites to develop your number sense.

Screen shot from siteProblem Solving: Reasoning and Decision Making
Problem solving is a process that includes reasoning and decision-making. In this process, we seek to understand a problem, figure out what information is important, and choose the math skills necessary to solve the problem. There are many skills and strategies in problem solving. Practice them with these websites!

Screen shot from siteData Analysis, Graphing, Probability and Statistics
Adults need to be able to read charts and graphs, interpret data, and make decisions based on an understanding of probability and statistics. Learn skills of data analysis at these websites!

Screen shot from siteGeometry: Spatial Sense and Measurement
Geometry describes the physical world. Measurement is a tool used in many parts of life. When we develop spatial sense, we make visual models and diagrams to solve problems. Learn about such topics at these websites!

Screen shot from siteAlgebra: Patterns and Functions
Algebra is a key to understanding the patterns of mathematics. Algebra emphasizes the relationships among quantities. Algebra helps us analyze change. Use these websites to learn about patterns, relationships, and functions in math!

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