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Unifying Concepts and Processes

  Screen shot from siteExploring Earth
This website gives us visual descriptions of the ever-changing Earth. For example, examine Earth from a new perspective.


Screen shot from siteInside the Jet Stream (Hot Science)
What is the jet stream? Why is it there? Who cares? Find the answers to these questions in "Giving Rise to the Jet Stream". This website gives an excellent "big-picture" view of a dynamic Earth system.


Screen shot from sitePolar Science Station
Polar scientists make observations and collect data to answer questions about the Arctic (the north polar region) and the Antarctic (the south polar region). Find out what it is like to do research in these polar regions. This website has many links to resources, hands-on activities, web-based activities and lesson plans for group activities. Try "Dress your Scientist" or "Escape from Antarctica." This website also features special reports from scientists in the field. Look at "POP Goes Antarctica" to see what happened on an expedition to Palmer Station, Antarctica.


Screen shot from siteOcean Science Station
What is oceanography? How do people do research about the ocean? Find out here! This website has links to many online resources, and well as links to current expeditions. You'll follow research scientists from Oregon State University as they go to sea to do experiments. Travel with them off the coast of Oregon or in the waters off Southern California and Mexico. Adult education instructors go to sea with these scientists. They send back daily journals about life at sea, about careers, and about ocean sciences. Try some of the math problems they include in their journals!


Screen shot from siteWater Science for Schools
This website has a lot of information, activities, and resources about this important Earth systems cycle.


Evolution--a journey into where we're from and where we're going
The theory of evolution is very important to our understanding of our world. Watch short videos and read to the answers to seven questions about evolution. Here are the first two questions: "Isn’t evolution ‘just a theory’?" and "Who was Charles Darwin?"

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