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Problem-Solving: Reasoning and Decision-Making


Screen shot from siteBrain Teasers
Each Wednesday three "brain teasers" are posted at this website. The problems are listed by grade level, but we think that all the problems are challenging. There are many ways to solve each problem. You have to wait a week to find out the answer to the brain teasers. Beware: the questions and answers only remain in the archive for three weeks.

  Screen shot from siteThe Excellent Adventure
Plan a trip from your hometown to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Estimate the cost of the trip, decide what car to take, and figure out the directions and mileage to begin your trip to Florida. Pre-trip estimates begin this Excellent Adventure!

  Screen shot from siteFigure This: Take a Challenge!
"Figure This! Mathematical Challenges for Families" provides interesting math challenges that were first written for middle school students and their parents. However, the challenges are interesting for learners of all ages. There are 80 Figure This! Challenges are available at this site (click here). Try these challenges with your friends and/or family!


Managing Your Money
Do you always seem to run out of money before all of your bills are paid? Is it hard to pay for food, clothing, and housing? Would you like to save money for the future? Do you wish you had more money for fun? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this WebQuest is for you.

  Screen shot from siteThe Maths File Game Show
Are you ready for a bit of British humor? At this British Broadcasting System website, you have the chance to play a variety of games having to do with number operations, measurement, algebra, and data analysis. There are sections with "Key Ideas" and "Tips" to help you. This website requires the Shockwave plug-in; the animation and sound effects are worth it.

  Screen shot from sitePlane Math Activities
Find the shortest flight path between two cities, fly a herd of buffalo to the prairies, or find out if a rap group will arrive in time to perform a concert. All activities deal with airplanes and the skills needed to navigate our airways. These are great problems for group problem-solving.

  Screen shot from siteUBUYACAR
You are interested in buying a new car. What should your annual salary be in order to afford the car of your dreams? This problem can be attempted by yourself or with a small group. Use the resources of the Internet to answer this question.

  What Good is Math?
Have you ever asked yourself the question, "What good is math?" This website offers many real-life situations in which you use math. Plan a party, look at art, calculate and predict grades, or learn how to "get the most for your shopping dollar."

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