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Number and Number Sense


Screen shot from siteA+Math
This site is good for drill and practice in basic number operations. You can also use the website to make your own flashcards. There are some interesting games. Try the Hidden Picture for multiplication practice.

  Screen shot from siteChange Maker
This interactive website gives you practice in making change. Each time you make the correct change, the money is added to your account. You can choose among four levels of difficulty, and you can decide to use currency of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, or Australia. This site is also good for family math.

  Screen shot from siteEstimation: how many pearls??
This website, part of a NOVA program "The Perfect Pearl", offers you two different ways to estimate the number of pearls in a treasure chest. This activity is animated. Try it!

  Screen shot from siteFinding the Value of Pi
This is one of the problems from the collection of "Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics." It contains a short history of the problem as well as the values of Pi calculated at various times in history.

  Screen shot from siteMath Baseball
This game gives you practice in solving whole number operations. There are four levels of difficulty. The multiplication section is good for drill and practice. You are given the correct answer if, by chance, you answer incorrectly.


Screen shot from siteNo Matter What Shape Your Fractions are In
Use polygons to explore geometric models of fractions. There is a series of great activities here. It is helpful to have a set of pattern blocks to work with, but if you don’t, there is a paper pattern here.

Even better, if you have JAVA on your computer, you can experiment online with the pattern blocks.

  Screen shot from sitePrime Numbers
This is one of the problems from the collection of "Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics". It also contains information on how to find prime numbers.

  Screen shot from siteSoccer Shootout
This game gives you practice in solving problems in whole numbers and fractional equations. The answers are scored for you and your soccer team if you answer correctly. If not, the opposing team "blocks the kick".

  Screen shot from siteV/F Visual Fractions
The activities help us "picture" or visualize fractions. You can use lines and circles to identify, compare, and rename fractions. There are activities for practice in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. The games are somewhat silly, but the explanation and practice sections are good. You need a Java plug-in use this award-winning site.


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