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Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics, and Graphing


Screen shot from siteThe Birthday Problem–A Short Lesson in Probability
Happy Birthday! Given a class of students, how many will share the same birthday? This website gives you the opportunity to explore the probability of shared birthdays, depending on the number of people in a class. Rather than having to run around taking a sample from a number of groups, you can use a computer simulation to figure this out.

  Screen shot from siteCast Your Vote! Statistics: What do the numbers tell us?
Take a survey where you answer questions about political polls. Then take on the role of a pollster. Go through an imaginary election as you give advice to a candidate. Learn how polling works, and find out what can go wrong!

  image from siteDown the Drain—How much water do you use?
How much water do you use every week? Collect data on water usage from people around the world and see how your water usage compares to others. Project instructions start here!

  image from siteGulf Stream Voyage
Use real-time data to discover the science and history of the Gulf Stream. Find out how the Gulf Stream affects world systems.

  Screen shot from siteLet’s Graph!
This activity demonstrates two kinds of graphs that are developed from survey information. If you are using Netscape as your browser, you can change the graphs by changing the information. There are suggested activities for making your own graphs.

  Screen shot from siteMathletics
Explore the ways math is used in basketball, baseball, bowling, and football. You’ll also learn something about probability and data analysis.

  image from siteStick or Switch
Learn about probability while playing a version of the game also known as "Monty’s Dilemma", or "What’s behind the three doors?" Find out if it is better to stick with a decision or switch to another choice.

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