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Algebra: Patterns and Functions


Screen shot from siteFun with Calendars
Solve this mathematical puzzle and learn how to use a linear equation!

  Screen shot from siteFun and Sun Rent-A-Car
The Green family is planning a one-week vacation to Florida, and needs to decide which of four rent-a-car options is the best buy. Use graphs and tables to create a linear function. Help the Greens decide which plan to use!


Screen shot from siteGraphing and the Coordinate Plane
Take a look at these websites from Project Interactivate.

Graphing and the Coordinate Plane
Cartesian Coordinate System
These websites explain the Cartesian coordinate graphing system, both with examples and with activities.

Score Mathematics: Coordinate Graphing
This website uses the activities from Project Interactive (see above) while providing a quiz and a coordinate grid that you can print. The student page gives step-by-step instructions for independent work.

  Screen shot from siteGraph Sketcher
This site is similar to a graphing calculator. Enter an equation or formula and see how it is graphed. Explore how graphs change.

  Screen shot from siteLinear Functions
This interactive site shows linear functions in three forms: slope-intercept form, point-slope form, and general form. You can control how the equation of a line changes by experimenting with different values.

  Screen shot from siteThe Million$Mission
A very rich man offers to pay you for thirty days of work. Explore this exercise in exponential growth as you decide which of two payment plans will give you more money.


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