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Life Science


Screen shot from siteBuild a Prairie
"Can you turn a bare dirt field into a thriving prairie?" Choose to build a shortgrass or tallgrass prairie ecosystem. Select the birds, mammals, grasses, reptiles, and insects to go with your prairie.

Also visit On the Prairie to get a view of a real prairie.

  Screen shot from siteeNature
This site features links to thirteen online field guides, including guides for seashells, insects, reptiles, native plants, wildflowers, and trees.  Listen to the song of the Bird of the Day, and read about parks and wildlife refuges.


Screen shot from siteHuman Body
This BBC educational website is an interactive exploration of the human body.  Choose an organ, learn about it, and then place it onto the correct location within the human body.  Do the same with bones, the nervous system, and muscles.  Also, take a senses challenge.  Try not to let your brain be fooled!

  Screen shot from siteLiving Things
The Franklin Institute brings us a collection of many activities about plants and animals. You’ll have an interesting time looking for information about life science.


Screen shot from siteVirtual Biomes: What’s It Like Where You Live?
Freshwater Ecosystems / Marine Ecosystems
What’s a biome? Take a look at tundra, rainforest, desert, and three other regions. Also look at freshwater and ocean systems.

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