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Earth and Space Science


Screen shot from siteGeography from Space
Test your knowledge of geography by playing "Geography from Space." Look at photos of Earth taken from satellites to figure out what part of Earth is shown.

  Screen shot from siteHurricanes–a fierce force of nature
Find out all you ever wanted to know about this dynamic force on Earth.

  Screen shot from siteThe Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
Everything you ever wanted to know about the solar system, with a lot of great visuals and graphics.


Screen shot from siteOceans Field Trip
Go on an online field trip of the oceans.  Answer questions about the ocean as you visit many different websites.

  Screen shot from sitePlate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics from Dive and Discover
In the 1960’s scientists proved this theory that explains Earth’s dynamic motion. Find out about earthquakes, mid-ocean rifts, continental drift, and much more. The second website has an animation of continental movement and a quiz.

  Screen shot from siteTsunami–the big wave
Learn about these big waves and what causes them.


Screen shot from siteU.S. National Weather Service–
Interactive Weather Information Network

Use this website to learn about national severe weather warnings such as floods, blizzards, hurricanes, and drought. Watch videos, see live satellite weather maps, and listen to audio information.

  Screen shot from siteVolcano World
This is the site for information about volcanoes around the world.

  Wind Chill
Learn something about weather and the mathematics behind wind chill.

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