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Wildland Fires!

Fire! You have probably heard about the wildland fires that rage in the western United States every summer. There are wildfires every year all over the world. Many of them are started by people to prepare land for planting crops. People start other fires by accident (and sometimes on purpose). Many fires are started by lightning. Are all fires bad? For over 50 years we have listened to Smokey the Bear saying "Only you can prevent forest fires". Some people think that Smokey needs to change his message.

For a history of Smokey Bear, click here.

In the following activities you will have a chance to learn about wildland fires and the brave men and women who fight them. You will study and decide if fire is always bad for the plants and animals in forests. You will learn about the science of fire. You will also have a chance to learn about fire fighters and practice fighting a fire using a fire simulator program.

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