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Plane Math

Plane Math

This award-winning website gives us excellent opportunities for using math in problem-solving situations. It combines the science of aeronautics with math skills and processes. There are three sections:

Applying Flying:

There are nine activities in this section. "Flight Path" has you calculate the shortest path between two cities. In "Birds Eye View", you learn how to pilot a helicopter by recognizing geometric shapes. In "Runways and Takeoffs," you calculate the weight of a herd of buffalo you must fly to the prairies. In "Fill’er Up," you fuel the plane for a flight around the country.

Pioneer Plane:

Use the situations and skills of aviation pioneers to solve two problems.

Gone with the Winds–starring Amelia Earhart

Your assignment is to go back in time and help Amelia Earhart arrive safely at Howland Island in the South Pacific. You can change wind speed, wind direction, and compass headings as a part of your flight.

Mission Possible–starring Jimmy Doolittle

Your task is to take aerial photographs of various locations. You fly using only the airplane instruments to guide you, just as Jimmy Doolittle did.

PlaneMath Enterprises:

In the Training and Design departments, you will go through a series of activities to learn principles about airplane flight and design.

Instructors: check here for a matrix connecting each activity to the NCTM content and process standards.