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Dive and Discover: Where's the Math?

Visit this site. Go to the section called Deeper Discovery. Here you will find "Infomods" on many subjects. In "Earth’s Anatomy," read about the layers of the Earth. Draw a diagram of the Earth, from its crust to its inner core. Find the thickness of each layer. What is the distance from the Earth’s crust to its inner core?

Read the Infomods "History of the Earth" and the "History of Oceanography." Make a timeline and label it with important information. How long ago did dinosaurs go extinct? How long ago was the solar system (and Earth) formed? How old are the oldest rocks found on Earth?

Read the daily journal and find the ship’s position. Plot this information on a map, using the latitude and longitude coordinate grid.

Look in the Educator’s Companion for investigations in four topics. Each investigation requires the use of math in observation and measurement. There are experiments in each of these subjects:

Global Positioning, Mapping and Remote Sensing