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Expedition Nine--Return to the Galápagos Rift
May 20 - June 3, 2005

Join a scientific expedition to the ocean floor near the Galápagos Islands.  Dive and Discover Expedition 9 returns to the Galápagos Rift, where hydrothermal vents and exotic organisms were first found in 1977.   Check out the fascinating information in “Deeper Discoveries” .  Read daily updates from the Research Vessel Atlantis, send email messages to scientists on board the ship, watch slide shows and videos, and learn about many ocean processes.  This recently re-designed website has links to ”Hot Topics” from previous expeditions. 

Read the daily journal articles written by the scientists on board the ship. Send them questions via email. Investigate the "Deeper Discovery" sections on the Earth’s Anatomy, Vent Biology, the History of the Earth, and the History of Oceanography. View slide shows and video footage of the view from the deep diving submersible Alvin.