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Learner Activity 3 Worksheet:
Visit a Volcano

Do you live near a volcano? If so, do you know how to survive a volcanic eruption? If you do not live near a volcano, would you like to visit one? Here are some ways that you can learn about living near or visiting a volcano. Maybe you live in an area where there was volcanic activity in the past!

  1. Choose a state or region
  2. Find out about that region. What volcanoes are there now? Is there information about volcanic activity in the past?
  3. Find a place with active or dormant volcanoes. What cities are close to that volcano? How many people live in that area? What should they do if the volcano erupts?
  4. Print a map of the area around the volcano
  5. Record the following information about the volcano you have chosen.






Number of eruptions in the last 200 years:

Type of volcano and type of eruptions:

Population in nearby cities and towns:

Why did you choose this volcano? Why might you want to visit it?