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Learner Activities: Volcanoes

Danger! Smoke! Heat! Lava! Ash!

These are some words that people use when they think about volcanoes. Find out more about volcanoes. Follow the links to the activities. Then, test yourself with the interesting games and puzzles listed at the bottom of this page.

Use these websites when you need to define a word about volcanoes:

Activity #1: Where are Earth’s volcanoes? Do their locations make a pattern? Find the volcanoes!

Click here for Activity #1 in HTML or Adobe Acrobat PDF

Activity #2: Why Does a Volcano Erupt? Where does a volcano get its power? Find out here!

Click here for Activity #2 in HTML or Adobe Acrobat PDF

Activity #3: Visit a Volcano. Learn about living near volcanoes. How can people prepare for the hazards?

Click here for Activity #3 in HTML or Adobe Acrobat PDF

Note: Some of these files are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (5.0), you can download it here for free. Earlier versions of Acrobat Reader are not recommended. If you have trouble viewing the PDF within your browser, you may need to download the PDF to your hard drive first (Windows users: right-click the link and choose "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu; Mac users hold the mouse button down as you click on the link and choose "Save Link As..." from the pop-up menu), then launch Acrobat Reader and open the PDF from your hard drive.

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