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Susan Cowles

Photo of Susan CowlesSusan Cowles is project director of the NIFL Science & Numeracy Special Collection. In addition to twelve years experience in teaching adult basic skill development classes, Susan leads professional development programs at the state, regional, and national levels. A founding member and past president of the Adult Numeracy Network, Susan is a part of a national initiative to reform the ways in which mathematics is taught to adult learners in literacy programs.

A Literacy Leader Fellow for the National Institute for Literacy, 1996-1997, Susan is interested in a variety of issues linking numeracy, science, technology, and instruction. Putting her teaching strategies into real-world practice, Susan spent two months in 2002 at Palmer Station, Antarctica as a participant in the National Science Foundation project, "Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic". Her daily journals from that remote site deal with ways in which scientists and support staff use mathematics in their life and work in that extreme environment. (See related websites here, here and here.)