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The National Institute for Literacy Science and Numeracy Special Collection provides annotated links to Internet sites that are useful for teaching and learning about science and numeracy. The collection emphasizes the ways in which science and math skills are important to understanding the world around us. The resources in the collection have been arranged according to the national education standards in science and in numeracy.

Materials in the special collection are provided for adult education instructors, adult learners, and adult education/literacy program managers.

Development of the Collection:
The Science & Numeracy Special Collection is compiled and updated by Susan Cowles.
She is pleased to have the advice and assistance of the Core Knowledge Group, consisting of research scientists, mathematicians, educators, and administrators. Websites are evaluated according to the National Institute for Literacy Selection Criteria. Resources in this collection are chosen for their adherence to and reflection of the National Science Education Standards and the Adult Numeracy Standards.

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