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Technology for All Americans:

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The Technology for All Americans project is funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The project goal is to promote technological literacy through innovative educational programs. The project defines technology as ". . . human innovation in action. It involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities." Technology for All Americans-A Rationale.

"Technological literacy is much more than just knowledge about computers and their application. It involves a vision where each citizen has a degree of knowledge about the nature, behavior, power, and consequences of technology from a broad perspective. Inherently, it involves educational programs where learners become engaged in critical thinking as they design and develop products, systems, and environments to solve practical problems" Preface, Technology for All Americans-A Rationale.

Content standards for technology education are scheduled for publication in March 1999 as Standards for Technology Education. These Standards ". . .will serve as the basic recipe for building a strong technologically literate population, making sure that all students have the ability to use, manage, and understand technology. The standards are based on a set of three significant study areas called universals. These areas are considered to be timeless, even in an era of uncertainties and accelerated change. The universals for technology education are:

  • Processes: Human activities to create, invent, design, transform, produce, control, maintain, and use products or systems.
  • Knowledge: How technological content is developed and applied.
  • Contexts: The larger areas where technology is developed, applied, and studied, which are categorized by informational, physical or biological/chemical systems."

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From TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL AMERICANS-A RATIONALE AND STRUCTURE FOR THE STUDY OF TECHNOLOGY by the International Technology Education Association. Copyright 1996. Used by permission of Technology for All Americans Project, International Technology Education Association.

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