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National Geography Standards 


The National Geography Standards:

The National Geography Standards were published in 1994 in response to the Goals 2000: Educate America Act. The goal of the standards is to educate a "geographically informed person. . .someone who understands that geography is the study of people, places, and environments from a spatial perspective, someone who appreciates the interdependent worlds in which we all live." The eighteen standards, in six categories, are broad statements that serve to guide toward an understanding of the world around us. They are found at the url listed above.

The National Geographic Society has a new series of web pages that is the "home of geography standards on the Internet." The resources are amazing; there is a link to each standard, with a full description of that standard. There are also related classroom activities, family ideas, and interactive online challenges. One warning-this site relies on graphical images that may take a long time to load, or may be inaccessible to older Internet browser systems. Still, it is well worth a look at Xpeditions for its demonstrated ways to understand the geography standards and put them into action in informative and entertaining activities.

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