Science Content Standards 

The recommended science content standards in National Science Education Standards are outlined as a set of categories, rather than a prescribed curriculum. The first standard, unifying concepts and processes in science, is described for grades K-12, while the next seven categories are grouped for grades K-4, 5-8, and 9-12. This continuum of standards across the grade levels has value to instructors and tutors in adult literacy programs. For an in-depth look at these standards, see

 As organized by the National Science Education Standards, the eight categories of content standards are

  • Unifying concepts and processes in science.
  • Science as inquiry.
  • Physical science.
  • Life science.
  • Earth and space science.
  • Science and technology.
  • Science in personal and social perspectives.
  • History and nature of science.

(National Science Education Standards, page 104)

Reprinted with permission from National Science Education Standards. Copyright 1996 by the National Academy of Sciences. Courtesy of the National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. 

National Science Education Standards:

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