Standards in Science and Technology Education

ABE Curriculum Framework for Science & Technology


Adult Basic Education Curriculum Framework for Science and Technology:

"Owning the Questions through Science and Technology"
The Curriculum Framework has been developed by the Massachusetts Adult Basic Education Science and Technology Team. The project is meant to provide a basis for bringing inquiry-based science and technology education into Adult Basic Education settings. As stated in the introduction,

"This Science and Technology Curriculum Framework presents guiding principles and learning standards which invite adult basic education teachers and students to explore science and technology in the same way scientists do."

The document addresses constraints to the integration of science and technology education into current adult basic education programs. Given these constraints, however, the project encourages teachers and programs to bring science and technology into their practice, and to approach these subjects with curiosity and confidence, regardless of scientific or technical backgrounds. The project is developing a set of learning standards as benchmarks for implementation and evaluation of science and technology curricular activities. During 1998-1999, the team will implement the Framework with further curriculum development and field-testing of activities to illustrate the standards.

Principal writers and project leaders are Carolyn DeCristafano, Tom Macdonald, and Nancy Sprague, assisted by a team of twelve adult basic education instructors.  The project is funded by the Adult and Community Learning Services Department of the Masssachusetts Department of Education.

Standards in Science Education