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Current Time and Temperature at Palmer Station
Current time and temperature at Palmer Station


Headline: Learning Activities

Head: Meet the Scientists

Be a journalist! Write about the scientists on the "POP Goes Antarctica?" team! Then, send them an email message!

The POP Antarctic science team is made up of five scientists: Hugh Ducklow, Rebecca Dickhut, Helen Quinby (who will remain in Virginia), Michele Cochran, and Amy Chiuchiolo. Each person has worked in a laboratory and has been out "in the field" to conduct observations and to collect samples. Each person was interviewed in August, 2001 by Susan Cowles.

Many people have a picture of scientists as those who wear long white coats and do all their work in a laboratory. While scientists conduct many experiments that rely on laboratory work, scientists do much more than dress in white and stay indoors. In fact, each of the team members has interesting hobbies that take them outdoors and away from the lab!

Your assignment: write a short article in which you summarize the answers from one or all of the five scientists making up the POP Antarctic science team. You are trying to show people who are not scientists what these scientists have said about these topics:

  1. Why they are scientists
  2. What is science
  3. What skills and abilities are necessary
    if someone wants to become a scientist.

Do these interesting people agree or disagree about being scientists? What do they like about their jobs? What are their frustrations? What do they like to do in their spare time?

Before you start, you might write down the answers to the questions asked of the team members. What do you think is the definition of science? Why do people become scientists? What skills and abilities are necessary if someone wants to become a scientist? Now, compare your answers to those of the team!

You can do this assignment alone or with other students with whom you divide the work. You might want to use this "Interview Summary Notes Chart to get at the heart of the scientists’ answers!

Team biographies

Interview Summary Note Charts (2 pages)