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Current Time and Temperature at Palmer Station
Current time and temperature at Palmer Station

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A team of scientists from the Virginia Institute of
Marine Science (VIMS) is studying the presence
of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the Antarctic.
Use the links to the left to find out more about POPs,
the team, and the different places where the scientists
are working. In January-February 2002, Susan Cowles
will travel with the VIMS scientists to Palmer Station on the
Antarctic Peninsula. Susan, an adult basic skills instructor
from Oregon,will post a daily report so you can be there
with the team as they study POPs.

In addition, this site contains learning activities that you
can use to find out how scientists think and work. The glossary
will help you understand terms that the scientists use.
If there are any other words here that you want to learn,
there is a dictionary box like the one below on every page.
You can type in any word, press the "Go!" button, and a
window will pop up with the meaning of the word. Try it!

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