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Headline: Polar Science Activities

Web-based activities —
ready to be used directly by learners

Antarctic Exploration:

This animation gives details of the exploration of the Antarctic from the 18th century to the present day. The routes are shown in the animations.

The Arctic and Antarctic Oceans:

Find out about the two polar oceans, with details of fronts and currents for both of them.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

What should be done about drilling for oil there? Look at this news story and series of learning activities from the Learning Resources/CNN San Francisco website. There are online quizzes and an opportunity to send your opinion in by email. Your writing will be posted on the web.

Danger on the Ice

Look at historic photos to discover how dangerous it is to live on the ice. How did Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team manage to survive when their ship was crushed in the ice?

GPS: The New NavigationEscape from Antarctica

You are on the 22-foot boat, the James Caird, with Sir Ernest Shackleton and five others in 1916. For seventeen days, you attempt to travel across the Southern Ocean to safety. You are the navigator-- Your task will be to take three readings with your sextant over a 15-day period. You will have help in the features How a Sextant Works and Navigation by Sextant.

Find Your Longitude

Play this game, get lost on the high seas and then try to find out where you are. This is an excellent way to learn about longitude, Earth science, and measurement.

GPS: The New NavigationGPS: The New Navigation

In this online simulation, use information from Global Positioning Satellites to find out where you are. You’ll manipulate charts and use the formula "speed times time equals distance."

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