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Project Description

Members of Hispanic families relate to each other differently than those in Anglo families, for whom most parenting materials are written. Children in Hispanic families often become confused about their values, their traditions and the expectations of those around them. Hispanic parents face enormous challenges as they watch the confusion in their children. As they attempt to maintain their cultural/family values, they are also forced to support their children’s need to conform to peer pressure and other social demands at school and in other community environments. The goal of this project is to provide Hispanic families with interesting, simple, and easily-accessible materials that will help them acquire skills in raising happy, productive and confident children in the United States.


This curriculum includes a set of 6 modules for the classroom. Each module has 2 lessons of 60 minutes each. All modules include:

  • Objectives for the lesson
  • Vocabulary relevant to the topic discussed
  • Handouts
  • Exercises that involve the whole family
  • Links to helpful sites
  • Suggestions for literacy modeling family literacy

This project was created by Kathy Ragland. Please address all comments and questions to:

Kathy Ragland
SWBOCS Adult Education Program
121 E. First Street (PO Box 11420), Cortez, CO 81321
(970) 565-8411