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Course Map

Module 1: Increasing the Strength of the Hispanic Family
Session Title Session Outcomes
a. Hispanic Family Structure Psychological and Gender Roles

To identify each members role in the family structure

To relate more effectively with each member of the family

b. Hispanic Family Values

To recognize family values that match our participants

To evaluate how those values are reinforced or undermined in their experiences

Module 2: Improvement of Self-understanding and Relationships
Session Title Session Outcomes
a. Baggage that we bring as parents from Childhood and how it makes us "who we are"

To Identify "baggage"

To understand ourselves better

b. How our baggage influences our parenting skills

Recognize how parenting skills can be passed down through the generations

Understand how culture relates to parenting

Module 3: Understanding our Children and Their Multicultural World
Session Title Session Outcomes
a. The sense of belonging, importance, and mutual respect

To accept and reinforce the importance of children in the family

To recognize the sense of belonging for all family members

b. New behavioral survival patterns of youth

Identify survival patterns of youth

Identify various means of compromise

Module 4: Building Self-esteem for all family Members
Session Title Session Outcomes
a. Belonging and self-worth

To identify personal strengths and abilities

Acceptance of limitations of both parent and child

b. b. Family support and encouragement

Begin to build foundation for open communication between family members

Develop a formula for goal setting and accomplishing goals

Module 5: Improving Problem-Solving Skills
Session Title Session Outcomes
a. Listening and responding with empathy

Increase class members awareness of feelings and problems

Increase perception of what is said

b. Accepting responsibility for problems

To help children take responsibility for their actions and problems

To "Let Go" of responsibility for problems that the child has authored

Module 6: Learning to Set Limits
Session Title Session Outcomes
a. Family meetings/ discipline

Provide a structure for family meeting

Provide tools for establishing consequences

b. Learned behavior

Increase awareness of behavior modification

Increase ability to compromise