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Ages and Stages

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Ages and Stages tells how children learn and grow at different ages. Children don’t all grow and learn the same way. It is a good idea to read the Ages and Stages that comes before and after your child’s age. Ages and Stages is made up of two parts:

This Is How I Grow
Each child grows differently. This Is How I Grow gives a few ideas about how children may act at different ages. There are whole books written about different ages. This part is designed to help you learn why your child acts the way he or she does, not tell you how she is supposed to act. Don’t worry if your child acts differently than the ideas in the This Is How I Grow. You are the expert on your own child. If you want to know more about ages and stages see your librarian for child development books by Louise Ames Bates and Frances L. Ilg. There is one book for each age from 1 year to 14 years. If you are worried about your child, talk to your doctor, a teacher, or someone your trust.

This Is How I Learn
Children learn in different ways at different ages. Each child has their own way of learning. This Is How I Learn tells what is important at different ages. Again, don’t worry if your child learns differently. Some children are very active learners while others learn from watching. Be a keen observer. Watch and discover how your child learns.

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