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Smart Ways to Teach Your Child


Every child has many ways of being smart. Children are natural learners. They are born wanting to learn about the world. You as a parent are a natural teacher. There are new studies that show that parents naturally teach their children to talk. Parents use a special voice when talking to their babies. The voice is a high, sing-song voice that stretches out sounds. Babies learn the sounds of language best from the kind of voice that parents naturally use. You are your child's first and most important teacher. Trust yourself to learn the best ways to teach your child.

Smart Ways to Learn was written to help parents plant a seed for the future. Parents are their child's first and most important teachers. Even parents who don't read well can help their children learn.

This web site was written because everyone learns a little differently. Even children. By watching your children, you can discover how they learn and use those ways to help them learn even more.
Ages and Stages
Discover how children learn and grow at different ages.

The 7 Intelligences
Get an overview of the seven different ways all kids are smart.

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