Understanding Learning styles


Remember Tran and Eddie who couldn't agree on the best way to put a shelf together? Tran thought it was best to follow the directions, but Eddie worked best by figuring it out with his hands and seeing how the whole thing fit together.

Tran and Eddie show two different ways people "see" the world. Tran has a sensing style. People like Tran trust facts and their senses—vision, hearing, touch, smell—to tell them what is real. Eddie has an intuitive style. People like Eddie look at possibilities and relationships. They need to interpret information for themselves in order to know that it is real and makes sense to them.

sensing style
see specifics
like clear guidelines
  & directions
like routine
intuitive style
see the big picture
go with gut feelings,
like variety

Your Turn:
When trying something new do you like specific directions or do you just want to try yourself first? Do you like to have a set schedule for each day or do you like every day to be different?

  • Make a list, draw, mindmap, talk to a partner, or write about a situation in your life where you think you show or feel your sensing or intuitive style.

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