This handbook is geared toward non-Hispanic ESOL teachers who teach Hispanic adult education students. The authors of this book are consultants who are independent contractors to the Arizona Adult Literacy and Technology Resource Center in Phoenix, Arizona. This project was funded through the National Literacy Act, 353 Special Projects, Fiscal Year 1996. The issues addressed in this handbook are intended to ease the tension caused by the cultural misunderstandings between the Hispanic adult student and the non-Hispanic ESOL teacher. Also, since this handbook is presented as an evolving document, ESOL instructors and other interested readers are invited to add to the individual topics discussed.

Luis Enriquez, born in Colonia Juarez in Chihuahua, Mexico experienced acculturation when he immigrated to the United States, as did Annemarie Pajewski, who immigrated from Germany. Dr. Pajewski also taught German and English in Mexico City at the National University.