Colores * Bright with Colors

De colores came to the Americas from central Spain in the sixteenth century and is now sung all over the Spanish-speaking world on special occasions and celebrations. It is also the anthem of the United Farm workers of America, a union founded by Cesar Chavez, most of whose members are Spanish-speaking. People hold hands and sway while singing this beautiful song.

CORO Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mi.(cantar dos yeses) Canta el gallo, canta el gallo con el kiri, kiri, kiri. La gallina, la gallina con el care, care, cara. Los pollitos, los pollitos con el pio, pio, pio, pi. CORO Y por eso... 27 . CHORUS And a bright love with colores has found us with peace all around us that makes our hearts sing. (sing twice) Hear the rooster, hear rooster singing kiri, hri, hri. In the morning, In the morning the hen sings her cara, cara. All day singing, baby chicks all day pio, pio, pio, pi. CHORUS And a bright love...
De colores, De colores,
de colores se listen los campos bright with colors the mountains and valleys
en la primavera. dress up in the springtime.
De colores, De colores,
de colores son los pajaritos que bright with colors all the little birds
vienen de afuera. fill the skies in the daytime.
De colores, De colores,
de colores es el arcoiris que vemos bright with colors the rainbow brings joy
lucir. with the glory of spring.