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Marin County: The F.L.A.G.ship takes families on the road!

Project Highlights

What could be better than a friendly environment where children can socialize with others, develop a love for learning and gain valuable tools that will prepare them for academic success? The Marin Literacy Program’s newest project, the F.L.A.G.ship, (Families Living And Growing) is a warm inviting mobile classroom that goes directly to isolated young families and daycare providers in Marin County.

The family literacy mobile unit delivers health education and pre-literacy skills to parents and caregivers responsible for children prenatal to five who are isolated by transportation problems, low literacy, health issues and family responsibilities. The project is the bridge that links children and adults to community resources. The areas now being served are West Marin and the east San Rafael Canal area. The project coordinator intends to expand the areas of service as funding and time allow.

The goals of the F.L.A.G.ship are to:

  • Foster a love of reading as an activity to be enjoyed by the whole family
  • Empower parents as their child’s first teacher
  • Introduce families to the public library and educate them on how to use library resources
  • Provide children with free, high quality children’s literature for their home libraries
  • Provide health workshops that relate to dental, eye and hearing care
  • Provide nutrition workshops to assure every child has a healthy diet
  • Bring adults and children together to learn basic computer skills and bridge the digital divide
  • Provide workshops regarding registration for children’s health insurance
  • Provide activities related to school readiness skills

Project Partners

The F.L.A.G.ship project partners with other agencies and services within the community to assure that families are connected to specific important services available in the County. The Marin Literacy Program’s F.L.A.G.ship project is proud to be working with the following agencies to better serve isolated families and daycare providers in the community.

  • Marin Head Start
  • Marin County Health and Human Services/West Marin
  • Point Reyes National Seashore
  • Tomales Elementary School
  • Dance Palace
  • Latino Family Services
  • Point Reyes Library
  • Canal Community Alliance
  • Homeward Bound
  • Pickleweed Community Center
  • Catholic Charities
  • Marin Abused Women’s Services
  • Marin County Dental Clinic
  • WIC
  • Marin Community Child Development Program
  • Dominican University Health Sciences
  • College of Marin Health Department







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