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What's New Archives

June 2002

The "What's New!" page is intended to spotlight current news, events, publications, projects, and any other items that concern literacy and the Region IV Hub. Check out past issues under What's New Archives.

Very Short Stories for Adult Readers

Adult education professionals around the country repeatedly comment that there aren't nearly enough good short reading materials for adult readers. Unlimited Learning in Cortez, Colorado is filling the gap with a Web site called "Very Short Stories for Adult Readers." The stories range from 1-3 pages, and there are two versions of each story: one is simply the text of the story; the other is broken up along the way with vocabulary, comprehension, and prediction questions, as well as suggestions about how to involve the reader in the story by applying it to his or her own life. It's a wonderful and desperately needed new resource -- check it out!

Project- and Concept-Based Learning
for Native Americans

Western/Pacific LINCS is working with Cortez Adult Education on a project- and concept-based curriculum initiative that focuses on Native Americans in Colorado. Originally funded by Star Schools, the funding has run out, and Western/Pacific LINCS is stepping in to help publish the integrative learning materials. This is an important initiative that has attracted important figures in instruction such as Dr. Fred Begay of Los Alamos National Laboratory and Dr. Jesus Martinez of Sandia National Laboratory. Click here to find out more about the initiative.

Polar Science Station:
POP Goes Antarctica?

Susan Cowles went to Antarctica January-February 2002 to study pollutants in the Antarctic peninsula. To find out more about her journey and studies, click here!

New Mexico Gets a LINCS Page!

New Mexico is the newest member of Western/Pacific LINCS to have a LINCS site with the state's most important adult and family literacy resources. Click here!

Easy Voter Updated for 2002

Easy Voter, the online version of the Easy Reading Voter Guide, which provides low-literacy voting information for new voters in California, has been updated with information about the March 2002 election. Click here!

Nevada's ABE Certificate of Performance

Nevada now has a new Web site highlighting its Certificate of Performance for ABE instructors. Click here to go to the site!

A New Site for Adult Education in Nevada

There's a brand-new site for Adult Education in Nevada, with information about all the programs the department covers, including GED 2002. Click here!

NW LINCS GED Resource Page

Click here for a great page with information and resources for GED 2002.

Western/Pacific LINCS Gets Bobby Approval

Bobby ApprovalBobby, a service of the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST), checks Web sites for accessibility issues. It's important for all users, particularly users who need to use text-based browsers, to have easy access to Web pages. A site that is Bobby-approved meets all of the Level 1 accessibility issues, including alternate text descriptions for all images and image map areas. Western/Pacific LINCS is proud to announce that our site has been approved by Bobby! For more information about Bobby and accessibility issues, please click here.

"Nevada Connections" Posted Online

Nevada Connections "Nevada Connections," a newsletter produced by Community College Southern Nevada, has been posted online. Available in Adobe Acrobat format, each issue covers topics that are important for Nevada's adult workforce. Click here to take a look at "Nevada Connections"!


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