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What's New

May 2005

The "What's New!" page is intended to spotlight current news, events, publications, projects, and any other items that concern literacy and the Region IV Hub. Check out past issues under What's New Archives.

Ocean Science Station

Ocean Science Station This site is a project of the Science and Numeracy Special Collection, National Institute for Literacy (NIFL). The special collection provides online science and numeracy resources and curricular materials for teachers, tutors, learners, and others who are interested in adult literacy and numeracy programs.

California Library Literacy Services (CLLS)
New Funding Directory 2005

CLLS Funding Director

Click Here to download the New 2005 Funding Directory

Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat® reader software. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat® reader installed on your machine, you may download it by clicking the link provided below.

Get Adobe Reader

CLLS has updated its Funding Directory to help library literacy staff identify additional potential funding sources in order to stabilize local services.

The need for increased funding for local library literacy services is driven by both an increased demand for services, and the State's current economic situation, which will affect both State and local funding sources.

CLLS is a program of the California State Library