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To ensure you are able to view and participate in Learning Resources, make sure you have the latest updates of multimedia players and plugins for your browser. Plugins are programs that allow websites to provide content to you and have it appear in your browser. You can get free plugins and upgrades from the links below.

Audio and Video The audio files used at Learning Resources are in RealAudio format. The basic RealPlayer G2, free from RealNetworks, plays all Real content including video and audio so you will only need to download one. The video files are in RealMedia format. The basic RealPlayer G2 is free from RealNetworks, and plays all Real content including video and audio.


RAM,RM (Real Player-Format)
The RealMedia streaming file format allows you to listen to sound files or see video files over the net without having to wait for the whole file to download. You have to wait only a few seconds while a little bit of audio (or video) file information is "buffered" to account for lapses in network speed, and then the file begins to play, with no more waiting, even for a file of 45 minutes or more in length. RealAudio or RealVideo requires the RealPlayer plugin, available for free download from Progressive Networks.

To obtain a free copy of RealPlayer basic, please click here: Realplayer

Browsers and Plugins

Browsers and Plugins
Get the newest version of Firefox, Internet Explorer and/or Safari (Mac).
To obtain a free copy, please click here:


Firefox for Windows, Mac und Linux
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer for Windows and Mac
Safari Safari for Mac
Opera Opera for Windows, Mac and Linux

PDF (Adobe Acrobat Document) PDF (Adobe Acrobat Document)
To view Adobe Acrobat PDF files, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. To obtain a free copy, please click here:
Get Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader


The Browser Tuneup utility will tell you whether or not you need to update your browser and, if you do, it also provides links to the download sites.

For information on how to download software, see Step-by-Step: Downloading Software.


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